Our Ruth Girl

Our Ruth Girl
(She is 10 1/2 years old)

Friday, January 23, 2009

Day 14

Everyone slept well last night! I changed Ruth's padding about 2:00, then when I got up at 6:00. She's thirsty this morning! I gave her bunches of water swallows before her peanut butter/meds (PBM) "treat" and then bunches afterwards! At first she wasn't all that excited, about the PBM, but then she licked my finger clean!!!

It promises to be a great day!

We put Ruth in the Sphinx position about 7:25 and she held it for another 5 minutes, pushing against one of her hind legs to reposition herself! But, then she was too pooped to eat. I tried smushing food (her normal dry food soaked in the water/oil mixture made from hamburger meat sprinkled with garlic powder - one of her favorite spices!) in between her teeth, only to have her spit it out. Even after a water chaser! I will try again about 9:00, after she's rested some.

More squirts of the "tasty" ... basically that's all she'll eat, and even cleans my finger! Her daddy is going to town today and will get other goodies for us to try... cottage cheese ... more supplement ... can food for our senior girl ... low sodium beef broth ... as long as she doesn't stop swallowing (a trick she's learn that will make me stop trying to feed her), I'll keep putting it in her mouth!

I just sat Ruth up on her elbows. She held it for a few minutes while I scratched all the places I could reach! She did sniff my nose, but didn't offer a kiss. We haven't gotten kisses in a couple of days now. But, we have perky eyes and ears!

It's almost 11:00... Ruth has had almost 2 cups of water today, numerous squirts of "tasty", a finger full of plain (no meds) creamy peanut butter, and several failed attempts at dry yet moist girl food w/olive oil on the side.

Ruth sat up (with my help, of course) for about 15 minutes... the majority of the time, she balanced on her own!

Just a note: I've been using a type of baby wipe that is alcohol free and is non-flushable (since we are on a septic tank system, not a good thing!) Anyhoo, they wash/dry up beautifully, so I use them instead of paper towels when needing to wipe up my mess when feeding Ruth or water drippings off her pillow!

A little after noon, I was propping Ruth up on her elbow and got a KISS! She balanced on her own for a little while... baby steps!

It's been a busy afternoon! Bud got home with Ruth's goodies and she got about 1/4 cup worth of can food... I had to smush it in, then chase with water, but I got it down her! She had some "tasty" for dessert, along with bunches more water.

We also took her outside for a few minutes... got her in the Sphinx position again and she held her back legs tight against her sides. Bud had one more step before reentering the house and she started pottying like a waterfall! Fortunately, I've learned to walk along with them carrying a towel underneath the critical area. Once we had her settled back down on her pad, she got more water... refilling that bladder!

Throughout the afternoon she received more water, a couple of changes in bedding, placed in the sphinx position, then, Bud and I took a nap in our respective recliners!

For dinner, Ruth had another 1/4 cup of can food... a couple of times she even licked it off my finger or cleaned up the spilled chunks off the towel underneath her head! But, for the most part, it got smushed in that faithful open space, then chased with water. Again, she got some "tasty" for dessert and licked my finger clean!

I'm hoping, by decreasing the Prednisone to one time a day, her appetite will return. Sometimes, it's like she forgets she can lick/lap her food. And, she seems to fall asleep, or maybe her way of trying to ignore me.... I may not give tomorrow morning's dosage, and wait until tomorrow night... start giving her at night may also help her appetite for the day.

We put Ruth on her back a couple of times tonight and gave her lots of scratches and exercised her legs by stretching and bicycling. Then she got another 1/4 cup of can food... this time she licked the food off my fingers!!!! Although Pednisone can cause excessive appetite, it apparently has worked the opposite in Ruth. I believe, after a full week of taking Prednisone, we would not be experiencing such a loss of appetite as we've seen in Ruth.

Well, we "Sphinxed" her one more time for the day. She started out with outstretched forearms, but then relaxed and rested on her elbows. After she made a minor adjustment of her hind right leg, she held her own for over 5 minutes! Now she is resting, seemingly comfortably, after getting several more swallows of water after such a great workout.

I am blessed to have had another day with Ruth. I continually pray that God helps me/us help Our Ruth Girl.


This is our baby girl, Beth

This is our baby girl, Beth
(She is 9 1/2 years old)