Our Ruth Girl

Our Ruth Girl
(She is 10 1/2 years old)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Day 15

Our day began about 5:30. We all slept pretty well... Bud & Beth in bed, me in the recliner, and Ruth on her pad on the floor in front of me.

Bless her heart, I didn't wake up until about 4:00 to check on her. Her bedding underneath her bottom was totally soaked. I changed it out, gave her a couple of drinks from the water bottle then I settled back on the recliner.

Beth woke me up, then Bud came in... morning treats were given... Beth had her "toothbrush" and Ruth had peanut butter covered Doxy (I will give the Prednisone tonight, since I believe it negatively effects her appetite) smushed in her open space, then she licked my finger just about clean! A few more swallows of water, then Bud & I took a break outside.

When we returned, we lifted Ruth up on her elbow and I sat next to her so she could lean against me. After giving her a chance to look around, Bud held her water bowl so she could get a drink. She didn't want anything to do with it. It seems like she's forgotten how to lap water. He gently moved her head so her nose touched the water, and did this three times without any results. Once we laid her back down, I gave her some water via the bottle and she swallowed nicely several times. So, she needed/wanted water, but wouldn't take it from the bowl.... this concerns me greatly.

Much to Ruth's dismay, she got about 1/3-1/2 cup worth of can food smushed in her mouth piece by piece. Many times she stopped swallowing, so I would give her a big drink of water. I would say she got at least a cup worth of water while eating breakfast! She never wanted to lick my finger, or take any bites of it off my finger. I then gave her a couple of squirts of the "tasty" supplement and she would lick my finger clean both times! At least, she's gotten more food in her today. Her poor muscles are just wasting away....

Again we did the "tuck 'n roll" helping Ruth hold in position for about 5 minutes before settling her on the opposite side. While in the hold position, I offered her bowl of water, again she refused to take a drink. She did swallow several good drinks I gave her from the bottle. She's not really alert today. She does track us, somewhat, but not with perky eyes or ears.

It is times like today that causes me to wonder if Coonhound Disease is really what is wrong... the vet has no clue... tests are "normal". She's not giving us any sign of improving, only fading slowly away from us.

About 10:00 I gave Ruth about 1.5 teaspoons of small curd cottage cheese... I can't tell you how thrilled she was of that - NOT! She did realize very quickly she couldn't spit it out very effectively, so would go ahead and swallow it! I've been laying next to her, snuggling, praying, and every so often, she'd sniff my nose, but wouldn't give me any kisses.

If kisses could heal, she would be "Supergirl" by now from the amount she's been receiving!

After a bedding change, we leaned her up on her elbow for a few minutes and balanced her as she worked on keeping her head up and looking around. While in this upright position, I gave her some "tasty" squirts, but she wouldn't lick my finger clean. She's back sleeping again on her pillow.

About 11:00, Ruth got "bicycled" then swapped to other side and a couple more swallows of water. Around 11:40, I noticed Ruth sniffing at the water bottle I had left propped next to her pad! I gave her some more water! Then, after a bedding change, she got another 1/4 cup of can food smushed into her mouth small pieces at a time. This time she swallowed, didn't lick my finger, but she did swallow each "serving" without me having to chase the bites with water!

It's 2:55... she got Sphinxed again and we also put a pillow up under her rib cage while she held it for a while. She now has complete new bedding, laying on the opposite side, has had several big drinks of water, and is sleeping peacefully.

About 4:00, Ruth ate another 1/4 cup of the can food (of course, we give her several drinks of water about every 20 minutes). At first, she licked it off my finger! Then, Bud got up and fussed with Beth and a treat for her, which totally distracted Ruth. So, the ole smush action finished the rest.

It was 6:00 when Ruth got her peanut butter covered Prednisone. She accepted it, smushed through her teeth! Then she got another 1/4 cup of the can food. This she didn't like tonight one bit! Maybe she had crunched up the Pred. (I understand it's bitter) and nothing was going to taste good. Bud mixed up some beef broth and put it in a water bottle for me to give Ruth... she seemed "pleasantly" surprised that it wasn't plain water! I will give her a "tasty" in a little while, after we eat our Venison chili dinner.

Granny wrote such a sweet comment about Our Ruth Girl. Thank you! Granny calls every morning around 7:00, then each evening about 5:00... anyway... but especially now to check on Ruth's progress. Papo calls Bud at around 11:30 every day... it's their time for "guy talk". I also received a phone call from MIL today! Bud talked with her while he was in town yesterday and told her about Ruth and that we would not be coming to Dallas next week for her birthday. Since she didn't get to talk to me, she called today to see how I was holding up and Ruth's status. That was a very nice gesture on her part, considering she, too, is bedridden.

Ruth got "tuck 'n rolled" a couple more times... she even licked the "tasty" off my finger!


This is our baby girl, Beth

This is our baby girl, Beth
(She is 9 1/2 years old)